Planning Permission

A Little note on planning permissions in Scotland.

Loft Conversion Planning Permissions in Scotland

You’ll need to get planning permission if your project meets any of the following criteria:

  • you want to build something new.
  • you want to make a major change to your building. (including an extension)
  • your building is in a conservation area. (this may require extra permission)
  • your building is a listed building. (this may require extra permission)
  • you want to change the use of your building.


City of Edinburgh Loft Conversion Planning Permission Regulations

According to The City of Edinburgh Council, all dormers on principal elevations (fronts of homes) and all dormers in conservation areas or on listed buildings require permission. If you live in a listed building, you will also need to obtain a listed building consent.

If you don’t live in a listed house or in a conservation area, you may be able to install a rear or side dormer without obtaining permission. These dormers could be considered “permitted development”. But you should confirm this with your Loftstar surveyor.

Plan Permission Cost in Scotland: £202


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