Conservation areas are classed as being of architectural or historical interest to a local town or region, so when it comes to planning permission they can be protected by some special conservation planning acts.

Generally, quite beautiful places, if you are lucky enough to live in one of these areas, you may be wondering whether you will be able to carry out a loft conversion and what could it potentially look like?


Will I need planning permission for my loft conversion in a conservation area?

The answer here is most definitely yes.

Unfortunately, you will be unable to carry out a loft conversion under permitted development rights.

This means that you will need to engage the services of an architect or use a design and build firm such as Loftstar to help navigate the parameters of what is allowed in your area and gain a design suitable in order to be granted planning permission.

If you live in a listed building, then you will need to also apply to your council for listed building consent.


 If you are under a strict deadline, then planning ahead and getting all this in place before construction begins is hugely beneficial. 

Which type of loft conversion will we be able to have in a conservation area?

This will vary from place to place, so worthwhile checking with your local council or conservation officer to find out what the parameters are to work within.  


With a loft conversion, an officer will be looking to see how much your roofline is changing and what the impact of that will be on the surrounding area.


Bearing this in mind, mansard loft conversions or even simple skylight or Velux styled loft conversions are always favoured as they will be considered the most aesthetically pleasing.


You could also be asked to install some certain types of windows so as to blend in with the local character i.e. traditional sash windows.

If you are unsure what loft conversion is right for you, or you need a quotation for a loft conversion in a conservation area, then just contact the Loftstar team today for a site survey and free quote.

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