Frequent Questions

Your most frequent questions answered.

Frequent Questions

How much does a loft conversion cost?

Most loft conversions will cost within a budget of £10K- £40K depending on the size and type you’re looking for. It really does depend on what you have in mind and works required.

Loft conversions come in a range of different shapes and sizes and Loftstar has bags of experience fitting across Scotland.

How long does a loft conversion take?

The length of time for a loft conversion takes always depends on what you’re having done. How big is your existing loft? As well as the current layout of your home, and any finishing requirements.

Loftstar has converted lofts all over Scotland, On average a loft conversion is built in around 6-8 weeks.

However, depending on the size and spec of your loft conversion this timescale may vary a little.

How quickly can you start building?

Loftstar can begin building your dream loft conversion in as little as 2-4 weeks.

This time frame is the same, no matter where in Scotland your property is based e.g. North, South, East and West.

This timescale is an assumption that we have all your plans, structural designs and party wall notices already in place.

If you don’t have these in place, then work on 2 -3 months to get the plans drawn up.

How long does plans take to be drawn up?

From signing the contract, it would normally take 4-5 weeks for clients to approve a set of plans.

We will endeavour to do everything we can to make this process faster if you’re in a hurry.

Not only do we want to ensure that we are delivering the best possible service, but we also want to be sure that you are 100% satisfied.

How long does it take for plans to be approved?

Speaking through experience, in general, plans can take around 8 weeks to be approved.

This can vary between councils and sometimes, revisions are required if the approver wants to add or adjust anything.

This being the case, approval may take just a little longer, you will always be updated along the way.

How long does my quotation take?

Once a Loftstar assessor has visited your property. It should take no longer than 1-2 weeks for you to receive a fully comprehensive quotation from us via email.

Once you have received your quotation, you don’t need to worry that the figure is set in stone. Your quote can also be adjusted if there is anything that you would like to remove or add.

Changing your quotation to allow for alterations to the plan is absolutely no problem this is fairly usual. Your project manager will liaise and adjust things accordingly.

Please don’t forget that we also offer a price match guarantee if you find a like for like specification that is cheaper.

Speak to your assessor for more information.

What is a party wall agreement, do I need one?

A party wall agreement is required if your home has a wall that is connected to another property on either side.

Each neighbour is informed of your proposed works using a party wall notice.

A party wall agreement is there to protect you and your neighbour from issues that might arise due to work done on the communal wall.

We draw up an agreement between you and your neighbour on what needs to happen in the event of a problem.

By law, your neighbour can insist that you have one in place before any work starts.

We can advise you on this process and if necessary put you in touch with one of our certified party wall surveyors.

What is a permitted development?

If your property is not in a conservation area or is a flat, you could have permitted development rights.

What this means is that you can usually develop your loft space without needing to gain planning permission.

Your development will need to keep within the Permitted Development constraints. Terraced properties are allowed to develop 40 cubic metres of extra space.

Semi-detached and detached properties is 50 cubic metres.

What’s the difference between a permitted development and planning permission?

With a planning permission application, you are asking the council if your proposed scheme of works is acceptable to them.

It is also open to rejection by your neighbours and will have to follow the local council’s development plan.

The council will issue you a Lawful Development Letter if they agree.

Technically, you are not required to have the Lawful Development letter in place before the work starts.

So we could in effect start your project without waiting for the Lawful Development Letter thus saving time.

How much head height do I need in my loft to be able to convert it?

There are head height requirements you must adhere to in order for your loft conversion to be compliant.

As a rule of thumb, you need 2.2m between the top of the floor joist of the loft to the bottom of the ridge beam.

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